“Deep at the center of my being there is an infinite well of love.”
– Louise Hay.

Connect and Flourish!!

You want to connect up all the dots in your life and have a picture  of a meaningful, significant and enjoyable life.

You want to be all that you can be,  growing and flourishing in magnificence.

You have probably glimpsed your magnificence by now but are frustrated and stymied in expressing it fully in the world .You may be an artist or spiritually minded person .. Coaching will show you how to Translate your work into actions that have impact.

You maybe a social worker, teacher or nurse or other professional who feels you have reached a crossroads in your career. Coaching will  bring you clarity and support in transitioning into a new career and a new life.

There may be some part of you that you judge and disown and that might be the key to your power. Whatever you disown, is energy that is blocked.  Start coaching to get that energy back!

I offer two types of coaching programme, a short term one and a long term one.

Short Term Programme- the Foundation

” And the day came when the pain of not blooming was greater than the discomfort of staying in the bud.”  Anais Nin

Tailored to your immediate needs. It might be thought of as allowing the bud to open.   From this 3 – 6 session programme you will:

  • Receive a compassionate and healing experience with regard to your past and current issues.
  • Learn The One Command process which you can use to negotiate any challenge or difficulty with ease and grace. For more information see here.
  • Dealing with old patterns, unfinished business, unresolved traumas.
  • Emerge from stuckness and disconnection. A Letting Go of all that.
  • Declutter your home!  Often necessary at this time.
  • Be supported to make decisions about your overall direction and purpose- including if desired….
  • Free Bonus session to consider if YB12 programme is for you.

The outcome is that you will fully present and connected to your life and ready to make new choices and begin creating a new vision for your life.

If you know that your transformation has been long delayed and you would like support for it to happen over the next year,
For ongoing coaching, over the course of a year, I offer the YB12 programme.

The year long YB12 Classic coaching programme.

Either move on from the above foundation, or start immediately if you are ready.  You know there is meant to be more to your life and that you have more to offer the world than is happening right now. This is for you if you have an idea of how you would like life to be, and are ready to commit to a detailed and grounded approach to actualizing this dream life.

This 12 month programme is designed to support and enable you to set goals that allow you to express your magnificence and flourish. This is a wonderful structure of support for creative, spiritual and artistic people who may find they have a challenge in balancing the different aspects of life .   if you are a social worker, teacher or nurse who feels you have reached a crossroads in your career,  this process can help with transitioning into a new career and a new life.

  • Set  goals and actualize your true potential.
  • Learn how to deal with procrastination and self sabotage.
  • Keep taking the steps to transform you life
  • Learn and grow from month to month, with a new module each month. Topics include Commitment, Focus, Stress Management etc.
  • Have your personal manual in which you can track your progress.
  • Monthly review and coaching session with Sandra

This is for you if you want to have a clear path to some major goals. You know you will really struggle to try to do it alone, transformation needs something new and different to emerge and that may not happen overnight, or just with your own current resources.

For more information see here.

The first step is to complete the form on this page to request a complimentary session of about 20 minutes to discuss what might be the best fit for you. Do it now and start on the connect and flourish path.  Or phone me on 07878824404.
“Great things are in store for you. Realize and live the fact that you have unconditional and unquestionable worth”       Fabienne Fredrickson,   Embrace Your Magnificence


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